Between every brand and its consumers lies a mutual bond. The heartbeat of your brand.

been there, done that


BOND proudly presents the MediaCorp Content Distribution website. It is part of MediaCorp’s digital marketing campaign and showcases award winning programmes to the world.


BOND was commissioned by luxury timepiece Breguet to design the invites for the gala concert of renowed pianist Li Yundi with the SSO at Esplanade Concert Hall.


BOND is one of the 10 finalists, who will bring their vision of the “City of the Future to life at the Tiger Tanslate FUTURE Competition. The event will be held at Zouk on July 31st and the judging panel includes industry stalwarts like Alvin Tan Phunk Studio), Chris Lee (Asylum) and Steve Llewellyn (Bates 141 Singapore).


BOND’s work is featured in THNK:CMYK. The series demonstrates how limitations like these can spur on creativity to produce good and innovative designs. Each book is dedicated to one of the four colours of the CMYK colour model. Combined, the four volumes provide a perfect guidebook and source of inspiration, making a good collection of inventive graphic design. THNK:CMYK is currently available at Page Bookshop.


BOND is featured at IdN 15 degrees; Universe. The “Universe” is the summation of all particles and energy that exist. It is the space-time in which all events occur. Just like the design community, it transcends all boundaries and value, to embrace each and every one of our force with the same spirit.


BOND is invited to contribute to the Semi-Permanent book. The book is given free to the audience at Semi-Permanent and is also sold at the event and distributed throughout Australia. It has taken a number of different shapes and sizes but always kept it’s common purpose of inspiring people by showcasing amazing artwork.

a bit about ourselves


Actually, this is not about us.

It’s about our tireless devotion to branding.

Your branding. 



Between every brand and its consumers lies a mutual bond.

At BOND, a team of brandsmiths dedicated to creative branding toils relentlessly to forge this intimate bond.

We not only create the bond that rooted from emotional resonance but also strengthen it,

so that consumers come to associate a brand with meaningful emotional values and performance. 

Hence it is with this core philosophy that we undertake any given branding campaign.

Including yours.

crafts for you


As brandsmiths, our tools of trade include Advertising, Branding, Campaign strategy, Corporate Identity, Copywriting, Publication Design, Packaging / Display Design, Video Production, Mobile App Development, Digital Campaign, Website Architecture & Design and New Media.


With these tools, your marketing campaign will be carefully crafted to provide a coherent and expressive message across all important client touch points, such as the media (online & offline), Direct Mailer, Brochure or Social Media platforms, just to name a few. 

our partners


At BOND, we regard clients as partners who share close-knit relationship with us.



Take a bite of us.

Come say hi or shall we have a round of “ko-pi-peng” (ice-coffee) or martini?

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Here is where we engage in non-commercial projects.

Absorbed in thoughts; meditative. Where we bond behind closed doors.

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